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Ram Dass, one of America’s most beloved spiritual teachers, sparked a revolution forty years ago with the publication of Be Here Now. This landmark classic inspired an entire generation to see the world in a different light. Over the past four decades, Ram Dass has been a beacon for spiritual seekers worldwide, challenging us to find new sources of meaning and purpose in our lives.

Be Love Now is the third book in a spiritual trilogy that began with Be Here Now and was followed by Still Here, Ram Dass’ acclaimed depiction of his life-altering stroke. In Be Love Now, Ram Dass shares what he has learned on his remarkable four-decade-long spiritual journey. Through timeless teaching stories, compelling and often humorous personal anecdotes, and soul-stirring insights, Ram Dass writes with his trademark down-to-earth accessibility as he tracks the stages of his own awakening. Guiding us through the pitfalls and perils of our own spiritual path, Be Love Now is both a deeply personal and wonderfully universal exploration that will open our hearts and minds. Ram Dass once again blazes a new trail while inviting all to join him on this next stage of the journey.

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Be Here Now E-Book

[cover] Be Here Now by Ram DassIn 1970, Ram Dass’ Be Here Now became the counter-culture bible for thousands of young people seeking enlightenment in the midst of the darkness of Vietnam. It was a pioneering bridge, written in colloquial language, from the psychedelic 60s to eastern spirituality, and over the years has sold (and continues to sell) more than two million copies.

Now in an enhanced e-book edition, Ram Dass’ message is brought to life for a new generation of seekers.  This special edition will contain:

  • A 15 minute short video celebrating Ram Dass titled “From Be Here Now to Be Love Now
  • 2 original Ram Dass meditations
  • Audio of the original  Be Here Now lectures
  • Archival photographs of Ram Dass and the Be Here Now movement

“Now, though I am a beginner on the path, I have returned to the West for a time to work out karma or unfulfilled commitment. Part of this commitment is to share what I have learned with those of you who are on a similar journey. One can share a message through telling ‘our-story’ as I have just done, or through the teaching methods of yoga, or singing, or making love. Each of us finds his unique vehicle for sharing with others his bit of wisdom. For me, this story is but a vehicle for sharing with you the true message… the living faith in what is possible.” —from Be Here Now

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